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NWT is committed to build products that are reliable, secure and energy efficient to protect our environment and benefit the global community. Our aim is to reduce carbon footprints and combat the effects that products have on the environment through sustainable business practices. Our engineers are constantly dedicated to develop products that are most sustainable in the market.

How do we achieve sustainable development goals?

  • We strive to improve the energy efficiency of our products through implementation of Brushless DC motor as well as inverter compressor that have been developed internally to reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions. In 2021, one of our portable air conditioners sold in EU achieved an energy rating of A+++ (industry's first).
  • We adopt and promote the use of low environmental impact refrigerants such as R32 and R290 in our products that are less harmful to the environment
  • We adopt and promote the use of PCR (post consumer recycled) plastic components to minimise the amount of waste and contribute to create circular economy.
  • We adopt and promote the use of eco-friendly packaging without compromising on performance and safety (compliant with ISTA standard)

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