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NWT is the most trusted home appliance manufacturer in the industry. We are not merely an assembly factory but manufacture all core components including plastic injections, sheet metals, heat unit exchangers, motors and compressors in house. What distinctively sets us apart is our ability to comprehensively offer total solution from product design to product assembly through logistic arrangements.

Each year, we invest in more than 10% of our annual revenue into facility expansions, machinery upgrades as well as R&D projects to innovate and deliver products best suited to customer needs.  

We understand the key elements that drive customer satisfaction is through trust, communication and commitment. Our aim is not to build a transactional relationship with our clients but to assist them achieve short and long term business growth through close collaboration. Our team is comprised of qualified and experienced professionals that are here to help your organisation achieve your business goals. The majority of our existing clients have established a long term relationship with NWT over the years thus making us the most popular choice in the industry.



Customer Centric – Our business approach is focused on placing customers at the heart of our organisation and our solutions are designed with the needs of our customers in mind.

Innovation - We are constantly dedicated to develop and improve products that not only meet but exceed market expectations. We strive to excel and transform conventional design to create "smarter" and "better" products.

Professionalism– Our many years of experience and depth of knowledge in the industry allows us to interact closely with our customers and offer tailored solutions to meet individual requirements.

Integrity – It is our organisation's utmost priority to operate in accordance with ethical practices, transparency, compliance and openness.  

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