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  • 1979
    Founded in Taipei, with a capital of USD 6000, manufacturing motors for small appliances
  • 1982
    Commenced production for hair dryers

    hair dryer sml
  • 1986
    Commenced production for dehumidifiers
    Wdh168目錄 sml
  • 1989
    Expanded production facility to Guandong, China

    factory sml 7
  • 1992
    Entered the HVAC industry. NWT was the first manufacturer to introduce portable AC to the market

    PAC-88 picture sml
  • 2004
    Completed compressor factory and commenced production in the same year

  • 2010
    Acquired land in Tainan, Taiwan to build "Smart Factory" and R&D Centre
  • 2014
    Launched "Smart Home Tech" project
  • 2016
    Completed Tainan plant

    NWT - Drone Photos (7 of 8) 1920
  • 2021
    Expanded compressor factory in Tainan 

    factory sml 1

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