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Tainan Factory

Located in Yongkang Industrial Technology Park in Tainan, Taiwan, our Tainan factory was strategically built to expand our manufacturing plant to meet the increasing demand of regional market. Our Tainan plant is the new industry benchmark for factory automation, transforming traditional manufacturing setting that enhances quality, efficiency, safety and reliability of our products.

Key highlights:
  • 21 000 m² land size
  • Annual production capacity of 500k units
  • Acoustic lab for sound power measurement
  • Psychometric lab for performance evaluation
  • IoT Integrated compressor production line

Kaiping Factory

Located in Guangdong province, our China factory comprises of 4 production lines and we are capable of manufacturing from the supply of raw materials to core components and product assembly. Due to the sophisticated nature of how compressors work within our products, we design and manufacture compressors in house to achieve optimal product performance. Starting from raw material inspection, a detailed QC is carried out at every stage of the manufacturing process to maintain product quality at a high level. Our internal performance labs are certified by Intertek and BV to ensure the performance tests we conduct in house are credible and comply with regulatory standards.

Key highlights:
  • 26 500 m² land size
  • Annual production capacity of 2.5m units
  • Brushless DC motor production line
  • Inverter compressor production line
  • Psychometric and Calorimeter labs certified by BV and Intertek

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